Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gear Posts (There are many of them, but I could do mine?)

Of course we've all reviewed the many gear reviews as practitioners of photography. Like any good consumer, we'd like to know what we're getting before we lay down a pretty penny (many, many pretty pennies) for a new body or lens. Same applies to technique, rehashed a thousand times and usually saying the same thing you've read from hundreds of other reviewers (if you've the stamina to devour the internet's boundless content for that long). It's an industry standard thing at this point.

I've never produced a review of the equipment I use myself. Typically I assume the plentiful bounties of information already prevalent on such notable review sites such as Camera Labs and DP Review suffice (or in the case of those looking for a personal touch to gear in action, the likes of Steve Huff or Robin Wong). But alas, I find myself bored, and am considering the elaborate exposition of my regularly employed photographic techniques and field experiences with specific cameras and lenses. The idea makes me feel like a sell out, but I've honestly run out of things to talk about outside of incessant whining about a work-burn-out-induced creative rut. Plus it's always good to have a project to work on, especially when you are your most fragile (great advice from many a great friend).

As a late, much respected actor and childhood role model once said, "You're only given one little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it".