Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Omitted tidbit from last night's post...

I failed to bring up an egregious flub made while shooting the burlesque show after party in Baltimore. Something many photographers have likely goofed on before, but speaks highly to the versatility of RAW shooting.

At some point in the night my thumb must have plunged the E-M1's wheel mode switch down and then ticked the white balance adjustment wheel a step clockwise because in the middle of the set of party shots white balance went from a temperately warm ~5200 degrees kelvin to a fixed (and super cool) 2800 degrees. Far too cold a color temperature for the ~5500 degrees kelvin flash, certainly too low for the hot lamps acting as stage lighting. I don't often fiddle with white balance in my work, auto settings have always done well for me and any minor adjustment is easy to achieve in Lightroom or DXO. In this instance, however, I was crossing my fingers in hopes that colors weren't inherently ruined on account of the cool recording color temperature. It merited a sigh of relief to find that they corrected rather well. Granted, my corrections were all remarkably lazy and still a little too on the cool side of the color spectrum for my liking, but they look well and above the harsh blue mash the unedited RAW files displayed.

On a similarly interesting side note, I just received a photo job a hop, skip and a jump away from Deale, MD, the town where the supposed panhandler I dealt with on Saturday and handed $120 to lives. I have it in mind to apply some morbid psycho stalker tactics and see if I can, in fact, find this woman, if only to say hello and see that she made it home safely. This is, of course, assuming she was honestly trying to get home and not simply scoring an easy $120 from a naive, optimistic kid with a hangover. The peninsula of Deale could stand to be a fun area in which to shoot for the afternoon, anyway.


Going through old photos taken around this time frame last year, I landed in an archive of shots from Skyline Drive. I am reminded that I am late for my annual introductory pilgrimage to the promised land of scenic overlooks, dreamy feels and curious black bears. I'm ready to head back this very moment.