Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Colorado is for Snowing

Made a weekend trip to Colorado to visit a good friend whom I originally helped move out to Denver about 2 years back. He'd made his way to the East Coast many times, visiting family and friends to the point of being broke from airfare. I felt he deserved some reciprocation.

Colorado is notorious for two things weather related - It is sunny with blue skies 300 days of the year, and seasons mean nothing when it comes to weather patterns. The Rockies create almost randomly chosen climate systems at any given time. The weekend of my trip Colorado decided it was time for snow.

I suppose most people would begrudge the forces of nature on their vacations should they not opt to cooperate with the arbitrary ideal of sunny and 75 degrees. Personally, I don't think the weather could have been any more incredible. I'll take the uniqueness of inclement conditions over the predictable safety of the sunny-75 rule any day.

In total it was a fantastic weekend. The perfect sort of relaxed escape with no pressure in regard to expected activities or obligations to "see this" or "do that". Hell, we spent a good portion of time lazing about my friend's apartment watching movies and TV series. Friday we hit up a small dozen breweries in Denver and a hookah lounge (where I have discovered that, since kicking the habit some time ago, my body cannot tolerate actual smoke at all anymore). Saturday we toured the mountain passes leading through Golden Gate, south near Colorado Springs and then returning back North toward Boulder. More time spent driving around than stopping for hikes given the weather, but I couldn't have been more content playing passenger to such a wonderful sightseeing trip.

A great experience, with the paradigm of my publishing process having quite silently switched comfortably to lots of mobile broadcast of images taken during the visit. Perhaps a topic for another post more meaty in wordage. For now, I just want to share a few of my favorites with you of snowy Colorado on a lazy Saturday afternoon.