Monday, July 6, 2015

Kevin Sutherland

This weekend bore witness to the tragic slaying of a fellow creative in Washington, DC. In the hubbub of the holiday and weekend work, it was a headline I missed until this morning. The Washington Post covers it fairly well.

I never knew Kevin Sutherland. Before this morning, I'd never heard his name, seen his face, known anything about him. Reading over the article, it became very clear that Kevin Sutherland was an explosively creative person, and thus I had to track down his work, his photography and design. It is one area the Post unfortunately fails to direct its readership, but it didn't take much time to locate his online published bodies of work. His website serves as a great hub of his efforts, but his Instagram and Flickr are great standalone bodies of content themselves.

Argument over political opinion or affiliation is both moot and missing the point. Being a creative who skirted mortality, I understand the importance of impact and permanence post-mortem of one's work. The artifacts we leave behind on the web create an amazing time capsule of our lives, and in the case of Kevin Sutherland he left his perspectives in many forms, from photography to writing to design. My sense of obligation to absorb his story, his travels, his opinions and viewpoints, the things he saw, is very personal. I feel it is a courtesy owed to every creative, that their work be immortalized in the progressive impact imparted from person to person. In the case of the late creative, it is also a means by which to honor them.

By posting this and subsequently sharing, I hope those among my audience, family, friends, everyone, will pour over Kevin Sutherland's work as I have this morning, and take in his story and experiences and creative expression. Please grant him the immortality deserved for all creatives.