Monday, August 22, 2011

Up to Nonsense

Optical illusions are fun. When I was in Middle School I bought a thick, square little book that was chock full of various trick images that strained the brain. It was easily my favorite. Never thought I would accidentally produce an image that played on those subtle mechanisms that baffle the mind.

Todd (in the photo) and I just ran over to Subway to grab a sandwich, and on the way back home to our apartment I called his name to grab his attention, thus creating the opportunity for this photo. Odd that people still don't entirely get the whole Kneejerk name. I would've thought by now people would realize that the name is a descriptor of the manner in which I photograph, not just a "catchy" monicker. One can over think image composition all day, the best results still seem to come from those moments of clarity when instinctual autopilot kicks in to assist.

Some time last week I tried the Lumix 14mm f/2.5 on the E-P3 body and rather fell in love with the wide-prime combo (still wish it was the 12mm f/2.0, though). It enabled me to capture portraits with just a little more context, something I'd never dabbled in much before. I was also enamored with the flexibility of in-camera B&W processing, with digital selection of yellow, orange, green and red filters changing the way the image renders in JPG. To believe I ever needed to waste time cleaning up RAW noise in the past doing the same thing (the red channel is the noisiest to work in, after all).

Really makes me hunger for that 45mm f/1.8 due to come out next month, though. If for no other reason than simple curiosity. It's fun shooting people again.